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WelCome To TAF Oil

TAF OIL PLC is a private limited company licensed by the ministry of trade and industry of the FDRE government. The company was established on March 2010 and enters the petroleum business in 2011. TAF joined the oil industry in order to cater the ever increasing energy demand of the country and to be the reliable choice in the industry. TAF starts the business by mobilizing a full team of professionals and acquiring local and international experience in the industry.

The company supplies fuels and different types of lubricants by constructing depots and fuel stations in different parts of the country especially in areas where there is unmet demand and supply shortages.As its core business, our company sells & distributes different type of fuels (i.e Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene), Automotive & Industrial Lubricants, Greases, Light Fuel Oil (LFO), Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), LPG and Bitumen for Automotive, Construction, Transportation, Industrial, Agricultural & Mining sectors.


Product and services

TAF is one of the few major supplies of petroleum products in the country. The company imports and distributes fuel (Benzene, Diesel and Kerosene), Automotive and industrial lubricants, Greases, Light fuel oil (LFO), Heavy fuel oil (HFO), liquid petroleum oil (LPG) and Bitumen/Asphalt. 

TAF imports NATIONAL LUBE brand lubricants from internationally known company called Petromin. TAF supplies the well-known variety of national lube products for large scale transportation, construction, agricultural & mining companies and factories. TAF products meet the international standard grades like API, SAE and ISO specifications. Our company always maintains sufficient stock of lubricant products in different packages in order to meet our clients’ need.

With regard to services, TAF provides short term trainings, advice and consultancy on product knowledge and its application for clients just in order to enhance proper utilization of oils and lubricants.


Depot size and capacity

The company has currently one fuel depot at Wolenchti town with 2,500,000 liter storage capacity. This depot is currently used as the main reserve depot and helps to serve all emergency requests.

In order to meet the ever growing fuel demand, the company has planned to establish 3.6 million liter capacity fuel reserve depot, fuel blending plant and fuel station in the Akaki Kality Sub city with an estimated cost of Birr 79.5 million. This project will have a fuel blending plant, one high standard fuel station and a large capacity fuel reserve. The fuel reserve depot will lie at 40,000 square meter plot area and will have a storage capacity of 3,6 million liters of fuel (Naphtha, Benzene, Jet Fuel and Kerosene), 800,000 liters of ethanol and 500,000 KGs of LPG

Figure 2:- TAF Oil Depot Design


Company Core Competency

TAF oil strives to satisfy customers need by supplying high quality and premium products. The company maximizes the customers’ service by providing after sale services and product related trainings and counseling. The company has better product supply and logistic system which creates a reputation by its clients.


Company Head Office Addresses

TAF OIL PLC  Sub city:-Kirkos Sub cityWoreda:-02   

House no:-new Tel: 0115580351/0115580686/7            

E-mail:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Web site: WWW.tafoilplc.com

Fax:-0115580689    P.O.Box: 43625, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia