Brake fluid
TAF brake fluid Dot 4 is a heavy-duty, high boiling point, superior quality synthetic brake and hydraulic clutch-release fluid. This fluid is suitable for all conventional drum and disc brake systems under most strenuous conditions.

Transmission oil
TAF Automatic transmission fluid Dexron III is the product designed for use in all passenger cars and commercial vehicles equipped with transmission and hydraulic systems. This is made out of highly refined paraffinic base stocks, shear stable viscosity index improver and other additives.

HT Fluid TO-4
       TAF HT Fluid TO-4is a specifically designed product primarily for Caterpillar heavy-duty power shift transmissions and final drives requiring caterpillar TO-4 fluids.

     TAF HT Fluid is used in all caterpillar power shift transmissions and final drives, other than those for which gear oils are specified. It is also recommended for all hydrostatic transmissions,heavy-duty manual transmissions, power shift transmissions and final drives where heavy-duty engine oils are recommended.

Hydraulic Oil
TAF Hydraulic oils are high quality anti – wear type hydraulic oils specially developed to satisfy the wide temperature variations and viscosity range encountered with modern hydraulic systems and meet the requirements of the world’s leading hydraulic equipment manufacturers.

These oils can be used for the lubrication of all-high pressure and high-speed vane, piston and gear type hydraulic pumps, and for use in all hydraulic equipment’s operating in extreme temperature conditions.

Radiator Coolant and Anti-freeze
TAF Radiator coolant and Anti-freeze is high quality concentrated ethylene glycol based engine coolant/antifreeze. It is formulated from latest organic technology additive system that gives long time protection and suited for year round use in cars and light and heavy duty trucks, specially made for cooling system components.

It is a premium quality monoethylene glycol based antifreeze coolant, formulated especially for prolonged corrosion protection for the modern generation engines. The special additives fortified in the coolant ensure multiple benefits to the users. It is recommended to be used with 50 % demineralizes water