company-images TAF OIL PLC is a private limited company licensed by the ministry of trade and industry of the FDRE government. The company was established on March 2010 and enters the petroleum business in 2011. TAF joined the oil industry in order to cater the ever increasing energy demand of the country and to be the reliable choice in the industry.
TAF starts the business by mobilizing a full team of professionals and acquiring local and international experience in the industry.
The company supplies fuels and different types of lubricants by constructing depots and fuel stations in different parts of the country especially in areas where there is unmet demand and supply shortages.
As its core business, our company sells & distributes different type of fuels (i.e Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene), Automotive & Industrial Lubricants, Greases, Light Fuel Oil (LFO), Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), LPG and Bitumen for Automotive, Construction, Transportation, Industrial, Agricultural & Mining sectors.

The company could so far reach large number of customers and able to distributes its product in different parts of the country by constructing large number of fuel stations. The company has constructed about 55 operational and 28 under construction fuel stations in different parts of the country within the last seven years which helps to distribute its product for the downstream consumers.
In only seven years of its establishment, TAF Oil has become one of the few major players in the industry due to its unlimited effort and long lasting vision of being reliable energy supplier in the nation.
The company’s far reaching performance is mainly associated with its vision and professional personnel who is composed of professional marketing, finance and logistic teams.

The company has a proven experience and skill of fuel station operation. Our company is highly acknowledged for its sustainable fuel supply by the government and its customers due to its capability to secure a continues fuel supply even at the time of acute fuel shortages.

The company works with experienced and prominent companies like Ethiopian Shipping Lines, China Railway Seventh Group Ltd, Ethiopian Toll Roads Enterprise, Addis Ababa water & Sewerage Authority, Ethiopian Network and Security Agency, NKH construction, Comet Transport S.co, DMC Constructions and many other esteemed customers.

We are confident that we will provide you an excellent service that meets and exceeds your needs and requirements. We assure our esteemed clients we are your reliable and most trusted energy source for your all type of fuel and lubricant demands.

Corporate Social Responsibility

TAF pays great attention to corporate social responsibility by supporting the vulnerable groups and local communities. The company has made an agreement to provide a long lasting financial support for Ethiopian disability associations. In addition to this, it also constructs a fuel station at Sekota town for Waghmra Development Associations (WDA) by covering the full cost of the station. The company has also cross subsidization scheme in terms of employment opportunity and business creation for local communities and residents located in the company’s business areas. The company also aims to extend its social support activities to different areas and large societal groups.
As one issue of social responsibility, TAF also works on employs and work environment safety. The company always assures safety of employees, customers and the community which can be affected by the business practice of the company.

Product and services

TAF is one of the few major supplies of petroleum products in the country. The company imports and distributes fuel (Benzene, Diesel and Kerosene), Automotive and industrial lubricants, Greases, Light fuel oil (LFO), Heavy fuel oil (HFO), liquid petroleum oil (LPG) and Bitumen/Asphalt.

TAF imports NATIONAL LUBE brand lubricants from internationally known company called Petromin. TAF supplies the well-known variety of national lube products for large scale transportation, construction, agricultural &

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